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Matthew Stowe

After acquiring an experience of 10 Years, Matthew Stowe has recently joined the Industry News Channel organization for more of data gaining aspect.  He has been writing articles based on business, finances, and market share since quite some time; hence he is kind of an expert in this particular sector-based report. Having a keen interest in the field of Business, Matthew holds the responsibility of writing news articles and blogs related to business such as mergers, acquisitions, events, and much more. Matthew is a skilled and experienced professional who puts forth business-related terms and concepts in an understandable and simple manner.

Email Id:- matthew.s@industrynewschannel.com

Phone No:- +1 913-378-1934

Susan Whitley

Degree in Engineering has not stopped Susan Whitley from exploring the field of content writing. She has an experience of 3 Years that too from a reputable organization. Even just two days old to the Industry News Channel organization She has splendid vocabulary being spelled out in the articles such that all the readers are awestruck reading the precise and intellectual articles. The Certification in Legal Technology and Operations is also one of the basic motivation for approaching the technological arena in terms of writing. The Industry News Channel organization still hopes to see more from this nascent writer in the future.

Email Id:- susan.w@industrynewschannel.com

Phone No:- +1 913-528-8031

Rachel Nieves

Rachel Nieves  has an experience of 1 Year in Industry News Channel organization but has left no stone unturned even within a shorter time span. The Masters in biotechnology student is all set explore the content writing field. The nascent writer has a keen interest in reading information regarding health and medicines which is an energy provider for the expertise. The readers are definitely going to have a knowledgeable bite from the Industry News Channel publication’s rhetorical.

Email Id:- rachel.n@industrynewschannel.com

Phone No:- +1 913-881-2094

George Kirkland

The degree holder in Aeronautical Science, George  Kirkland, is currently probing the content writing field so as to provide the best of the up-to-the-minute data to the global readers at just a single click. The plan of becoming a full-fledged writer is the reason for him using this Industry News Channel dais to the fullest for broadcasting the excellent grab on vocabulary in the articles. The Industry News Channel  organization is providing a wide platform for all its expertise to bring out the best in them.

Email Id:- george.k@industrynewschannel.com

Phone No:- +1 913-484-5164


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Rachel Nieves:-  rachel.n@industrynewschannel.com |  +1 913-881-2094

George Kirkland:- george.k@industrynewschannel.com |  +1 913-484-5164

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