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India Is Equally Innovative Like China Or The U.S.: Verizon CEO

According to a senior official at one of the largest telecoms providers across the globe, India is similar to China or the U.S. in tech innovation. While speaking to CNBC during the One Young World summit in London, Ronan Dunne—CEO and Executive VP of Verizon Consumer—stated a widely held outlook that tech innovation was a two-player race deformed the real competitive position of telecoms and technology. He added, “India is perhaps as big a force in globalization lately in the telecommunications industry the same as China or the U.S. So this notion that there is an arms race amid China and the U.S., I think misinterprets that.”

In India, Verizon expanded its operations in the last 10 years and is the first company in the U.S. to start 5G. It rolled out the superfast mobile internet technology in Minneapolis and Chicago back in April. Dunne said to CNBC, “We make out that in the universal industry that innovation comes from all over the place. We are trying to ensure that we depict ourselves as much to the best of modernism wherever it is taking place globally, and in that context, we don’t really view a U.S.-China facet. We view it as a much more international dimension, which I feel is a really best thing.”

On a similar note, Verizon lately delivered standards-based 5G Home across Chicago. Reportedly, Verizon will spread out its 5G Home broadband in Chicago, but unlike the first four launch cities, the Chicago service utilizes the global 3GPP 5G NR (New Radio) standard. Verizon first launched its in-home fixed wireless 5G service in Houston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Sacramento in October 2018, but at the time utilized its own 5G TF standard prior 3GPP-compliant device became available.

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