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Fitbit Collaborates To Compete With Apple Watch

Fitbit is collaborating with Bristol-Myers Squibb-Pfizer Alliance in order to develop a technique that senses the heart’s irregular rhythm in time. With this step, the wearable device manufacturer is getting ready to compete with a feature available on Watch—a product from its contender, Apple.

While Fitbit has strongly established itself into the healthcare sector, as a part of its another agreement with the Government of Singapore, the firm will supply fitness trackers and services for approximately 1 Million users. And through the recent agreement with the Alliance, the future Fitbit devices will be incorporated with software to aid the timely detection of the most widespread type of irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation—once the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) awards the approval for the same.

Atrial fibrillation is a widespread health condition generally found among the population in the age group of 65 and above. It is linked with irregular heart rhythm, which increases the risk of stroke. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that approximately 2.7–6 Million US population is currently experiencing this health abnormality.

On a similar note, recently Fitbit stated that starting early 2020, it is planning to move its production away from China. The company said that the reason behind this shift is Section 301 tariffs, which is the outcome of the current US-China trade war. It had started accessing the possibilities to shift its smartwatches and fitness trackers’ production outside China from 2018. The company’s efforts paid off and now all its production will be carried out in the countries other than China, and as a result, it will not face Section 301 tariffs. While, presently, the production location of future watches and trackers is not clear, the company stated that these details will be revealed in its forthcoming conference call for Q3 earnings.

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