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Loverro To Head NASA’s Human Spaceflight Programs

NASA proclaimed that Doug Loverro, Ex-Defense Department Officer accountable for space policy, will now work as the Head of its human spaceflight programs. The selection of Loverro as the upcoming Associate Administrator for Human Exploration and Operations comes almost 3 Months following Bill Gerstenmaier’s promotion to a higher advisor position. Ken Bowersox, who was given the temporary responsibility of Associate Administrator due to this promotion, now will resume his earlier Deputy Associate Administrator role.

While Loverro holds critical experience in the national security space including the National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Department, and Air Force, civil space is said to be a new department for him. The last position held by Loverro from 2013 to his retiral in 2017 was the Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense for space policy. Deputy Program Executive Officer for Space and Executive Director of the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center are the earlier position which Loverro has served. In 2017, following his exit from the Pentagon, he owned a consulting firm and worked as a candid advocate for few nationwide security space initiatives, including the proposed Space Force.

On a similar note, to supervise the digital identities of all the employees, the Defense Department is planning to develop a new system named Enterprise Identity Service. And for this purpose, it might take assistance from the security community.

While announcing the new system, the Defense Information Systems Agency’s officers stated that it will help the agency to supervise digital records and online activity of all the individuals utilizing its IT infrastructure. Reportedly, the passwords and usernames for vendors, employees, and other official users will be stored in this system at a single place. Once the system is in its place, these usernames and passwords will have to be produced by all officials in order to get access to the Defense Department’s platforms and networks.

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