Clyde Space Bags The Contract For Building And Operating 2 Cubesats For Orbcomm

Clyde Space Bags The Contract For Building And Operating 2 Cubesats For Orbcomm

Clyde Space, which is a subsidiary of AAC Microtec, has entered into a contract with Orbcomm for operation of two cubesats with AIS receivers built into them by 2020. The deal is valued at around $5.9 million or at Swedish Krona 54 million.AIS is an acronym for Automatic Identification System.

Clyde Space plans to install three AIS receivers on both 4Kg cubesats, along with a receiver run on the basis of a radio that is software-defined. Antennas will also be provided on the cubesats to allow maximum detection of the AIS messages as per an official release on April 9.

This received data from the cubesats will be delivered to Orbcommby Clyde Space under a license agreement. This marks an important move in Microtec’s strategy of expansion in operating and building spacecrafts for customers, thus opening doors to new markets.

Microtec’s Chairman Rolf Hallencreutz has stated that this contract is a major step, since it marks its collaboration with a company that is a data services leader. It is also a well-planned step to a service model for satellite technology that is bound to boom in upcoming years. Both Clyde Space and AAC Microtec were incredibly proud over this news.

Orbcomm has stated that this is a demonstration of their support for AIS technology. They stated that they were pleased to collaborate with such stellar companies to provide better service to their customers world-wide. Their customers would be able to access comprehensive coverage globally and let the company process more AIS messages from vessels than anyone in this industry. This would lead to enhanced customer satisfaction rates due to better service provision to them.

Orbcomm is responsible for processing messages numbering more than 30 million a day, sent out of 200,000+ major vessels for commercial and government customers. This has enabled it to be a major leader in this industry worldwide.

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